About Us

CWMTS is a confederation that represents supports and promotes the spa and wellness industry throughout India. CWMTS is dedicated to educating, engaging and representing professionals and organizations in the spa and wellness community and providing a quality assurance measure for consumers.

Positioned to address these needs, CWMTS works with leading industry professionals and associations dedicated to advancing industry standards in spa, health, beauty and medical tourism.

CWMTS aims at setting a bench mark in the wellness industry settings, standards for education, sustainability, innovation integration & convergence of related industries.

CWMTS provides an invaluable platform for educational & networking opportunities to spa professionals throughout India, creating a value to the spa experience by supporting and associate members of the spa industry by speaking as an authoritative voice to foster growth of individual and industry.

CWMTS is the only channel for all the latest updates and move by’s of the spa Wellness, Health and Spa Industry creating an indefinable value to the industry.